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J&M Precision Die Casting, Inc. has grown since 1968 to a 40,000 square foot facility in Northeast Ohio. The die casting company, specializing in Aluminum die casting and Zinc die casting, was acquired by Rhenium Alloys, Inc. in 2015.

Its employees – the most skilled in the industry – are the hallmark of the operation. We are proud of their talent, employment longevity and unparalleled commitment to high standards. Some unique distinctions that set J&M Precision Die Casting apart are rapid prototyping, high-level engineering precision, and unmatched dedication to service and maintenance. We also develop very high tolerance part designs and tooling for the injection industry.

We specialize in high pressure die casting with aluminum and zinc, and will soon be offering gravity feed die casting (coming October 2016).



Doing More For Less

Our versatility enables us to quote competitively and cast competently, whether for long or short runs, large or small parts, simple or complex designs.

We have a wide array of die casting machines and handle many of our secondary operations in house, using our extensive machining centers. We routinely build custom machines for specific customer requirements, in order to reduce their overall costs. Our goal is to efficiently improve the functionality and manufacturability of your designs. We review a design in detail, sharing insights and ideas that allow for a lower-cost end product while improving performance.


Die making side covers for a light base that goes under a sink on a submarine or boat
Zinc and Aluminum Die Casting
Metal part die-cast by J&M Precision Die Casting

Aluminum Die Casting


Aluminum, a light weight alloy that possesses high dimensional stability for complex shapes and thin walls, can be cast to near net shape. Near net shape die casting means the initial production of the part is close to the final net shape. This can greatly reduce the need for finishing techniques and eliminate more than 50 percent of production costs.

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Zinc Die Casting


Zinc, the easiest alloy to cast, offers exceptional ductility, high impact strength, and is easily plated. Zinc is economical for small parts due to its low melting point and the long life it affords  the die casting. From appliances to car parts, zinc die castings are some of the highest volume items manufactured by the metalworking industry.

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Cost Reduction &
Design Assistance


Our mission is to help our clients improve the functionality and manufacturing of their designs. We review designs in detail and provide insight and ideas, resulting in a lower cost product with improved performance. We can reduce or eliminate secondary operations. Our expert design assistance delivers more for less!

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CNC machining

J&M Precision Commitment

  • Low cost pricing through advanced creative designing
  • Reducing or eliminating unnecessary machining
  • Secondary operations to exacting specifications
  • Quality control
  • Inventory control
  • Standing behind our workmanship


J&M Precision Fence Strainers

Increase the tension of your electric fence lines with J&M Precision Die Casting’s high quality, durable in-line fence strainers. Our rugged wire strainers are made with a hot dipped, heavy duty, galvanized strap, heavy duty cast Aluminum for the cog / spool and flapper, and Stainless Steel for the compression spring. Made in the USA, they are durable to stand the test of time. Learn More >>

Fence Strainers / Tensioners
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