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Brass High Pressure

  High Strength Die Casting

J&M Precision Die Casting, Inc.

one of THE FEW of Brass Die Casters in the USA


Die making side covers for a light base that goes under a sink on a submarine or boatWhy Brass?

Brass castings are preferred when high strength, rugged durability and cosmetics are important.

J&M is one of only a handful of Brass Die Casters in the United States. We operate cold chamber machines ranging from 400 to 750 tons in capacity. Additionally, we have fully automated cells for heavier parts or higher volume requirements.

Why High Pressure Brass Die Casting?

High pressure Brass die casting produces repeatable, complex shapes at competitive prices.

Some advantages of Brass die castings are:

  • Highly corrosion resistant making them ideal for Marine applications
  • Temperature resistant
  • High electrical conductivity
  • Pressure tight to 300 PSI
  • Easily polished or plated


Brass Die Casting Applications: Marine and Oil

At J&M we produce Brass parts primarily for the Marine Industry. You will find our parts on large commercial vessels as well as oil platforms. We produce parts from ounces to 40 pounds and we provide them as cast, machined, polished, powder coated, or plated.


NADCA: North American Die Casting Association
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